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Ground Digger is a simple adventure game. It gives you a digger to dig deeper into the soil surface coatings and recognize differences in quality. You have to upgrade your digger to acquire more matches in the breakdown. With the experience of this game, you can discover many necessary items from the depth of the Earth. Just control various objects to obtain gold coins and prizes to play the game and boost the digger. Every floor you discover requires a huge amount of struggle; therefore, it is necessary to upgrade your digger to gather enough resources.

With the exploring experience of this game, you can collect several minerals such as Coal, Uranium, Nickel, Iron Ore, Copper, and many other natural resources from the soil’s depth while removing the Earth’s layers. You can hire workers and employees to maintain your business’s workflow and growth. This game is full of excitement and forces the players to remain to indulge in it.

Welcome page of Ground Digger Lava Hole Drill


The gameplay of this game is fascinating and straightforward. By controlling different tools and bots, the main goal of this game is to dig down the Earth. Start taking everything out from the soil of each stage to progress. You can continue moving to the next level after completing the previous one. This game has many difficulty levels, and your digging abilities and results will be tested as you progress. If you dig quickly, unique objects are more likely to be found.

You must carefully control your energy levels since this can affect your digging ability. The GROUND DIGGER MOD APK download unlimited money is based on actual physics, so it requires energy to operate.


When you completely understand the game, then with the help of a digger, you can participate in several quests and discover many useful and worthwhile objects. These objects are very beneficial to you for upgrading the level. The fuel capacity of the digger is limited, and no player can exceed it.

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The environment will change when you travel to and cross the new ground. Every environment has a beautiful design and useful resources for you to gather. As each floor offers buildings with similar characteristics, you won’t need to return to base on the top floor to refuel.

Drilling with machine


You need to upgrade your digger, and it enables you to access the lower floors, and the requirements for the digger to proceed to the next floor are necessary. Moreover, you can gather soil from drilled soil layers on a floor that you can use to unlock partners.


In GROUND DIGGER mod menu apk, players take control of a digger with a sharpener drill that can cut through any soil layer, and their task is to explore the deeper layers of soil. To traverse several distinct floors, you will utilize the power of the digger and take advantage of several supportive elements.

Big Machine in game


The developers have made simple and easy user controls to make this game more engaging. They can easily understand every aspect of the game. When you complete one level and use the objects you obtain in the game, it is helpful to unlock the next one.

Here’re some of the game’s totally mind blowing features for becoming a stone miner dig master:

⚒️ BUILD your drilling machine to dig down the hole in the ground and collect gems and other treasures (skulls, robots, infinity stones, gold.

🔑 FIND the hidden keys while you dig deep into the ground to unlock secret zones and buried chests.

💣 UNLOCK powerful boosters to progress and dig in faster (dynamite, mini-bots, unlimited fuel, giant digger.

✨ UPGRADE your drill parts (wheels, fuel tank, drill size, shovel, excavator …) to dig in even deeper.

🔸CUSTOMISE your machine by buying new skins & color looks + CREATE your very own mini-bots army.

🌎 EXPLORE sand, ice, hot lava biome… dig this land through all the layers to reach the Center of the Earth like a stone miner pro.


In the mod version of the game, there is unlimited money for you that is helpful to you to buy stuff to upgrade your tools and bots.

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You can buy many things with these unlimited gold coins, such as Boosters and energy levels. So don’t worry about running out of fuel for mining uncommon objects.

child playing Ground Digger mod apk


No annoying ads are coming to interrupt you in the mod version. You can enjoy more with this mod version.


  • Click the download button at the top of the page
  • On the new screen, hold for just a few seconds
  • Then, click the download button that appears
  • Now, Install the game and start digging.

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