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Fight alongside heroes with godlike powers in this stylish, urban mythological RPG. Feel the beat and experience this visually stunning world.
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Mar 7, 2023
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Dislyte MOD APK is a role playing game with exciting characters, strange surroundings, and devastating fights. This Game features a unique and fascinating storyline in which miracles grant supernatural powers to you. Defend the world against its most dangerous enemies from space. To enjoy the beauty of Legal battle MOD APK, click the download link below. Download, install, and have fun.


The Game begins with an army of strange monsters coming from space and landing on Earth’s surface. These monsters create a threat to the planet and seize towns and countries. But, as these creators were born, a sonic wave was also produced, a miracle. As a result of these sonic waves, certain humans developed unnatural powers comparable to legendary gods.

collect mythical characters

These people are Espers, the new heroes of the twenty-first century, capable of defeating monsters and protecting society. The entire Game now takes a turn in which you transform from a usual human being to a superhero. Humanity’s fate is now in your hands. Create a barrier between humans and the monster, and restore confidence in humanity. Begin your journey as an adventurer to save the world and lead a squad of heroes.


First, you should download the apk file from our site and then install this Game to enjoy its exciting gameplay features. Dislyte MOD offers an energetic and enjoyable gaming experience where you go on exciting adventures. Visit various places worldwide while fighting the monster along the way.

Because this is a turn-based game, choose powerful heroes to win the battle, or you will be lost. Also, it would help if you built a squad of numerous additional heroes, each with its divine powers. Create real-time plans and use relevant skills and expertise to defeat your opponents.

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Dislyte Mod Menu is an adventure game where you will fight ancient creatures and legendary animals you have never fought before. But, you now possess divine abilities and wish to preserve your world. Create your hero squad to fight against the massive army of monsters. Form a powerful squad and start exciting adventures. Fight and destroy various terrifying creatures to get infinite money and other attractive gifts.



After you win, the money and gems will surely come. Dislyte mod apk provides many gems and money for gamers to spend. This money is valuable in various ways throughout the Game, as you will discover later. You can buy new characters and many more with these money gems.


Dislyte Mod Premium Unlocks the complete premium mode. The app’s features and contents are entirely out of the box and immediately available to users. The important thing to remember that there is no fee to obtain permission to use the products.


Everything you need in the Game is available for a fee or in the form of in-game money. Dislyte Mod Menu, on the other hand, allows the user to shop the whole Dislyte store without paying for a single thing.


In Dislyte mod APK, you live in a legendary universe and can access all divine powers. The fascinating mythology of older societies such as Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian. All of these characters appear to be quite interesting in their clothing, and they all have different types of features. Artemis, Apollo, Medea, Hades, Medusa, Nefertem, Freya, and many other characters appear in the Game.

unas shu


There are many characters in the Game, and they are all classified according to their abilities or power fractions. Each character must perform a specific role representing their attacking or facing strategy against the opponent.

  1. Fighter
  2. Supporter
  3. Controller 

Dislyte cheats codes

  1. Gold      #xKxgG3PzP
  2. Daily reward  #AsMtaHNPy
  3. Summon x10    #eLV1N9oMX
  4. Gold record player  #4HqVNtLH7
  5. Relic   #CVOTiPhxz

Dislyte Redeem Codes

  • HeroStory  –   Redeem for free rewards
  • nicetoseeu  –  Redeem for free rewards
  • chensgift001  –  Redeem for free rewards
  • Christmas2022  –  Redeem for free rewards
  • esperunion  –  Redeem for free rewards
  • DislyteYTB50K  – Redeem this code to get 10,000 gold, 50 nexus crystals


The graphical visuals on the Dislyte Mod Unlimited Crystals are three-dimensional and high-definition. The Game is quite colorful and imaginative. The Game has cutting-edge technology that demonstrates the future’s possibilities and technologies.


The application is divided into stages, and you must design the finest action and battle techniques. Selecting characters, capabilities, and fighting abilities is essential to winning. There is also a turn-based battle mechanism.


The music that would establish the Game’s mood would be found towards the back of the Game. The most excellent fighting action methods are combined with the best scene and soundtrack at the back. Hip-hop or peppy music also keeps you active, which is beneficial for violent battles.



From its beginning, Dislyte Mod APK Latest Version 2023 has done an outstanding job. The Game’s concept is well-liked by the public, and its player’s number is in the millions. Most users appreciated the fighting action component and the graphical element, which appeared unique. Also, the application has made significant development in such a short period. The Updated Version of the Dislyte Game also solves the issues it has. Downloading Dislyte Mod Menu will also give you free money and shopping.


Is Dislyte playable on a PC?

Dislyte started as an Android application. But there is a way to play the Dislyte Modded APK on PC. On your desktop, install Bluestack Player or any excellent Android emulator. Following that, you should be able to locate and launch the Game.

Is Dislyte a free-to-play Game?

Indeed, it is a free game to download. But, there are in-app purchase options accessible in the Game.

What culture is present in Dislyte?

Dislyte contains several cultures, including Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, Greek, and others.


What's new

New Features
1. Added the Divine Synthesis Pod.
2. Added a shortcut menu.
3. Added the Ultimate Spire.
4. Added the Esper Namecard frame for Embla (Ymir) after Embla is max level, max ascended, and max resonated.
5. Added Solos and Diaries for Embla (Ymir) and Parmi (Ninsun).
6. Added Resonance Solos for the following Espers: Jin Yuyao, Tiye, Hyde, Abigail, Lewis, Narmer, Brewster, Ife, Udanya, Vanessa, Sandrine, and Embla.
7. Added new portraits in Embla's albums. (Unlocks for Lvl 50.)

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